Toyota Brought Together All Five Generations of the Supra

At a top-secret Supra owners meeting in Sussex, the new A90 got to meet its forefathers.

During this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed, Toyota snuck off with the recently “revealed” fifth-generation Supra and held a super-secret owners meeting with 84 of the U.K.’s most devoted Supra owners and fans, bringing together all five generations of Supra for the first time ever.

At a “top secret location” in Sussex, the group of Supra-heads was treated to a close look at the upcoming A90 which was driven in by chief engineer Tetsuya Tada himself, the man also responsible for the 86 and its Subaru BRZ twin. After presenting the new car on a rotating stage, Tada apparently got to mingle with the fans and talk shop about his “new baby” and the six years of development it took to bring it to life. 

Confirming previous reports, Toyota says it expects the A90 Supra to start production and hit dealerships early 2019. Fitted with a 3.0-liter inline-six, it was recently revealed that the car would produce the same amount of torque as its Lexus F-car cousins while weighing approximately 500 pounds less. A 2.0-liter four-cylinder option has also been confirmed.

As for the automobiles in attendance, most of the 50 cars that showed up were predictably from the fourth-generation, the very car made famous by movie and video game franchises like The Fast and the Furious and Gran Turismo. Eight third-generation models and four second-gens were joined by a single MkI Celica Supra—one of only two in the U.K., apparently. 

Toyota GB

Here are some more shots from the event.

“I’m just so happy that we’ve made it to this point,” said Tada. “I’ve finally been able to reveal the car to the U.K.; it’s the happiest day of my life. And to drive it up the hill at Goodwood was a really exciting experience.”