Watch This E46 BMW M3 Fly Up Lebanon’s Falougha Hill Climb

Garo Haroutiounian may not be a household name in the U.S.—but he should be.

byMax Goldberg|
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Want to watch two and a half minutes of a gutted BMW E46 M3 rip up a mountain side? Yeah, you do. Over the years, driver Garo Haroutounian has received a lot of his attention for the way he can whip around an M3—and he deserves every bit of it. In the clips below, his M3 seems to dance the fine line between control and chaos as it skids through turns and leaps over crests.

The videos features Garo Haroutiounian participating in the Falougha Hill Climb in Lebanon, as well as the Baabdat Hill Climb. The interior of the car is stripped down to just a race seat and a roll cage, which may be party of the reason why this thing seems to soar through the air. 

Both videos below make it clear that a rear-wheel-drive setup may be ideal for a hill climb, and that the E46 M3 is still a force not to be messed with. Although neither of these events gets as much media coverage as the hill climb at Pikes Peak, Haroutiounian's skills certainly deserve our attention. 

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