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A Whole Lot of Vintage Trucks Are up for Sale, and We Want Them All

If only.

At Mecum Auctions Fall Premier 2021 event next weekend in Illinois, Friday and Saturday will be all about tractors. We’re talking everything from a restored 1927 Rumely Oil Pull M 20-35 to a lovely 1937 John Deere A to a 1970 Minneapolis-Moline G1000 Vista Diesel and everything in between. Vintage toys will be up for sale as well as signs with messages like “Party at the lake” emblazoned in neon and even a Charlie Daniels Band-signed commemorative golden fiddle. The Devil went to Illinois, it seems, looking for an auction steal.

But stop singing “I’ll take this bet, you’re gonna regret” to yourself for a second and check out the vintage truck lots that will be crossing the block before all of that on Thursday, November 11. Listen, I know 80s and 90s trucks are hot commodities right now and all that but feast your eyes on the stunning red 1948 Diamond T 201 Dually Pickup. And a 1951 Mercury M1 pickup in a two-tone teal and silver paint job. Or a 1930 Ford Model A Roadster Pickup with a quail radiator mascot.

Mecum Auctions

A few cabover trucks are up for sale as well, including a Peterbilt or two and a few Kenworths from the 70s that will transport you back to the time your dad used to talk on the CB radio. Breaker breaker one nine, I see a Smokey ahead; what’s your 20?

You’ll find a few oddballs in the mix like a 1961 Chevrolet Corvair 95 Rampside Pickup. It truly looks like someone revived my parents’ old blue Chevy van from the junkyard and chopped off the back two-thirds. It’s strangely attractive in a what-the-heck-is-this kind of way. There’s also a 1956 Willys with a 226 cubic-inch Super Hurricane L-Head six-cylinder engine and red-painted 15-inch steelies. 

If I had my way, I’d have a garage full of 1920s- to 1950s-era trucks just like these. Meanwhile, I’m going to be right here flipping through the photos of them. 

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