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This Tracked Suzuki Plow Truck for Sale Is All You Need to Conquer the Snowiest of Winters

It's powered by a 660cc three-cylinder but has twice the cool factor of most heavy-duty pickups.

Let’s face it—the stereotype about us Americans is often true. We love excess in almost every feasible application, especially when it comes to our trucks. If we didn’t, then why would Detroit’s Big Three brag about their heavy-duty pickups making 1,000 pound-feet of torque and being able to tow an entire neighborhood of tiny houses? What I’m getting at is: we could use a refresher. This quaint, three-cylinder Suzuki Carry plow truck is the perfect solution.

CM Truck and Trailer Sales

For starters, this thing looks fantastic. While it might “only” have two doors, we’ll argue that this is the perfect configuration for most trucks. And it isn’t lifted to the high heavens, but thanks to a nifty Tatou track system, it can still maneuver obstacles that would embarrass your buddy’s bro-dozer. Now if only it could pull off a sick “tank turn” like Rivian’s new R1T.

The powertrain is modest, with just 660cc of engine displacement. It runs on gasoline and sends power to a four-speed manual transmission, which at last transfers output to all four wheels (or tracks). All in all, the truck has accumulated just 62,000 miles. The listing claims that four normal wheels and tires are included, making the Suzuki street legal. See where we’re going with this?

Multiple accessories sweeten the deal, including the 80-inch hydraulic Meyers plow that’s mounted at the front. There’s also a cargo rack fitted to the roof and an available Curtis stainless sander. The bed itself has been lined to fight against harsh winter conditions, and the tailgate and dump sides are all removable in the name of utility.

Working heat and air are also promised in the ad, making this the ultimate tool for clearing snow and getting around when the going gets icy. The sellers, CM Truck and Trailer of Chichester, New Hampshire, are asking $10,995 for the entire package—about the same price as a worn-and-torn first-gen Dodge Cummins diesel with around 200,000 miles. If you ask us, it’s worth every penny.

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