Watch Baby Driver‘s Ansel Elgort Channel Himself in Today’s Bomb Cyclone

‘Your name’s Ansel? A-N-S-E-L Ansel?’

byChris Tsui|
Watch <em>Baby Driver</em>&#8216;s Ansel Elgort Channel Himself in Today&#8217;s Bomb Cyclone


With the theatrically-named "bomb cyclone" snowstorm hammering much of the east coast, enthusiastic owners of performance-oriented, all-wheel-drive machines across the land are currently seeking out empty parking lots for the sake of unleashing their inner Ken Block. Among those, apparently, is Baby Driver star Ansel Elgort who took to Twitter Thursday morning for a spot of driving that channels, well, himself. 

Behind the wheel of one of Baby's red Subaru WRXs (presumably the one he got to keep after the movie was finished), 23-year-old Elgort takes advantage of the storm currently hitting New York City and rips a decently-sized snow drift, shit-eating grin intact. 

As preparation for the car-flinging Edgar Wright flick, Elgort reportedly participated in a rigorous high-performance driving course with veteran stuntman Jeremy Fry. So cheeky caption aside, Baby could probably actually give you a ride in any ridiculously-named snowstorm Old Man Winter throws our way. 

Unless Elgort is secretly part of a kingpin-led band of bank robbers, however, above average skills behind the wheel and decidedly unusual first names are where the similarities with his character end.

For those who think Ansel's behavior here is reckless at worst and childish at best, don't worry, he probably agrees with you.

Maybe one day, Ansel. But today is not that day.