Another Baby Driver WRX Is up for Sale

The movie stunt car will soon cross the auction block in Houston.

byTalon Homer|

You may have seen Baby Driver's opening scene, a slickly edited getaway sequence featuring a 2006 Subaru WRX. In reality, there were a few cars used for the scene, each one modified for use in various tasks, like pulling e-brake turns and reverse 180s. One of these WRXs was handed off to the film's star, Ansel Elgort, which he would later use for parking lot donuts, as Subaru owners do. Another one made its way onto an eBay auction, then sold for the healthy price of $69,100. Instead of eBay, the third car is using the more prestigious Mecum Auctions as its venue. 

This particular Impreza was fitted with a full Sti drivetrain for more effective stunt work. While the eBay car was converted to rear-wheel drive, Mecum Auctions states that this Subaru is in its original all-wheel drive configuration.

The WRX's modification's were carried out by Allpro Subaru, in Alpharetta, Georgia. These include forged pistons, beefier clutch and differentials, and a hydraulic handbrake installed to give the Subaru an easier time performing drifts. This car will also come with its build sheet, $20,000 worth of shop receipts, and interviews with stunt driver Jeremy Fry, who commandeered the WRX for the Baby Driver scene.

A phone call with Allpro Subaru confirmed that the car currently listed on Mecum is a separate car from the one that previously sold on eBay, which had a stock WRX drivetrain. Allpro modified five Imprezas for use in Baby Driver, one of which was an empty shell used for interior shots. This should leave only one running car that is still unaccounted for.

Anyone interested in owning this unique stunt car will have to register for Mecum Auctions' Houston, Texas event, which officially starts April 5.