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The Real-Life Auto Factory Riot Referenced in ‘Squid Game,’ Explained

Plus some insights on police cars, obscure E46 BMWs, and more good stuff from Car Bibles.

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This week Car Bibles strayed a bit from its core (DIY stories about junky project cars) to look into some pop culture references and answer random car-scene questions we've been curious about. Also, a lot of the writing staff has been sucked in by Squid Game and it turns out the show's "Dragon Motors" references a real and dramatic moment in near-past automotive history.

The links below will dig into the Netflix show a little and shed some light on a few other completely unrelated areas of interest you might like to learn about.

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Part of the ‘Squid Game’ Plot Might Give You an Idea Why GM Korea Still Exists

If you haven't seen the show yet, maybe skip this one. But it's not a huge spoiler to say that the main character finds himself in severe debt, laid off from the fictional “Dragon Motors.” In the show, the layoff, strike, and surrounding protests were brutal. In 2009 and in real life, something similar actually did happen in South Korea at a Ssangyong factory. 

As Car Bibles writer Kevin Williams explained: "American Squid Game viewers likely didn’t realize that the Dragon Motors plot device is directly analogous to the brutal Ssangyong factory closure and protest of 2009. For Koreans and Korean-speakers, it was probably more obvious, as the Korean characters that make Ssangyong, ‎쌍용, roughly translate to 'pair of dragons' or 'double dragons.'"

Jessica Tran’s Viral TikTok Hits Tesla’s Still-Questionable Build Quality

Another one from Kevin: "TikToker Jessica Tran (@jtmobiledetailing)’s takedown of Tesla’s infamous build quality went viral this week. We’ve seen plenty of panel gaps and poor paint from the American electric car company before, but something about Tran’s delivery resonated a little harder than most."

Here’s What It Means When Police Say They Have Certified Speedometers

Perhaps you've never even noticed that most police car speedometers say "CERTIFIED" on them, but they do. We had a surprisingly hard time figuring out what exactly that means; none of the automakers selling police vehicles wanted to share insight. But the Michigan State Police (which conducts vehicle evaluations regularly) had some comments and context for us to solve the mystery.

These Obscure E46 BMWs Might Be Cooler Than the Mighty M3

The E46 M3 is a benchmark for style and performance to this day. It's basically the best version of one of BMW's best bodystyles. But there were also a few aftermarket-created E46 performance variants you should know about.

2022 Toyota Tundra Review Rundown: Big Improvements in Comfort and Control

Once again, we've rounded up a bunch of car reviews for you over at Car Bibles. In this week's Review Rundown, get a big range of perspectives on the (finally) new Toyota Tundra.

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