Want to Race Your Own SCG Boot in This Year’s Baja 1000? That’ll Be $500,000

That’s for a road-legal car with race options and a support team.

byMáté Petrány|
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Last year, SCG took a pair of its brand new Boot off-roaders to the Baja 1000 endurance race, only to score a class win with one while beating Ford's Bronco R prototype by 271 miles. Inspired by Steve McQueen's Baja Boot now owned by James Glickenhaus, the SCG Boot is a road-legal SUV powered by a 460-horsepower GM LT1 V8, available both in with two and four doors, featuring removable tops, 17-inch wheels and 19-inches of suspension travel courtesy of Fox Racing.

Built in America with the help of California's Armada Engineering, the Boot starts at $258,750. Glickenhaus says for roughly double that, you can also get the racing version right to the starting line of the Baja 1000 with a support team ready to challenge Ford all over again. That's actually not a bad deal for a race-proven SUV that you can also drive home from Mexico.

In 2019 driven by Darren Skilton, the Boot completed the race in just under 34 hours.

Being very much aware of that, company chief and cowboy hat enthusiast James Glickenhaus now tweeted that SCG will offer a road-legal Baja 1000 Boot for $300,000 with the options necessary for competition. Add $200,000 to that for the entry fee, logistics and full race support, and the bill goes up to half a million dollars. Still not bad—probably a fraction of what Ford spent on a prototype Bronco that couldn't take it.

Meanwhile, SCG has also finished its first customer Boot, a two-door finished in grey. Gotta love those exhausts! Next up is the four-door variant, which uses the same chromoly chassis, composite body panels and removable hard-top, but with a suicide door for the rear passengers. The same could be said about Mazda's electric MX-30, or the 2021 Rolls-Royce Ghost, but that's where the similarities would end.

Customer Boot 1 ready to be shipped to her owner., Instagram | Glickenhaus

Like so many times throughout history, racing has improved SCG's product long before Customer Boot 1 left the Glickenhaus garage in upstate New York. Because the 2019 Baja 1000's Class 2 winner almost left its doors in the desert, SCG has since re-engineered its hinges to make sure they can be as tough as the rest of the vehicle. Now, the SCG Boot is even more prepared for racing, as well as your most demanding grocery runs.


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