Watch This Polaris RZR Touch the Sky in High-Speed Hill Climb Run

It’s a life lesson, really.

byLewin Day|
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Life often presents us with challenges. It may be a difficult tax bill, a trying relationship, or simply a big hill that demands to be conquered. For a man named Keith, a steep slope was indeed his trial. Behind the wheel of a rock crawler, this hill he would overcome, scoring massive air in the process

The video comes to us from Bama Trail Riders on Facebook, an off-roading group that clearly knows how to have a good time out on the trails. It begins with a man named Keith in a tube-framed Polaris RZR Turbo, bearing the name of Joker. The hero of the piece, Keith is lining up a run at the hill known to the crew as No Respect. It's a challenging obstacle, with a significant hump right before the climb complicating the approach. The steep, rocky ascent beyond is not exactly welcoming, either.


A spectator shouting "Get ready to run!" in the background indicates that something serious is about to go down. The crowd is keen for action, imploring Keith to select high gear to tackle the hill with plenty of speed. The video's narrator also notes that Keith is also fully kitted out with a helmet and HANS device. After setting up his line with a short dry run, the stage is set. 

Loping smoothly over the initial bump, the throttle is then opened wide, with Keith roaring towards the slope for glory. On the way up, the rear wheels deftly clip the rock, launching the vehicle high into the air. It then noses down hard, sticking the landing to the whoops, cheers, and general adulation of the crowd below. 

It's an excellent illustration of someone living the full-send lifestyle. Keith's efforts should serve as an example to us all. Sometimes you have to line yourself up at an obstacle, get yourself pointed in the right direction, and just go absolutely flat out. Through proper preparation and unwavering commitment, you too may find the success you're looking for. Godspeed.

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