Lotus Teams Up With Renault’s Alpine to Develop an Electric Sports Car

Good things to come from the two champions of lightweight engineering.

byMáté Petrány| PUBLISHED Jan 14, 2021 9:03 AM
Lotus Teams Up With Renault’s Alpine to Develop an Electric Sports Car

While getting ready to launch its multi-million-dollar electric hypercar, the 2,000-horsepower Evija, Lotus is also looking into its future, which now may include an electric sports car jointly developed with Renault's Alpine brand. At the moment, Alpine's sole product is the much-praised A110 that's limited to certain markets. However, by doing down the Toyobaru route, Lotus and Alpine can create a product in sufficient volumes to keep things financially viable—and if the end result is a lightweight electric sports car—then we all win.

Mind you, Maserati is also working on a full EV version of its brand new MC20, while Lotus is promising a powerful electric crossover worthy of their badge for 2022. Still no word on the successor of the Elise, Exige, and Evora lines, yet if the feasibility study says Lotus can develop a platform using Alpine's resources over in France, we might just start doing some educated guessing.


As part of Renault's new financial plan, Alpine is aiming to become profitable by 2025, all while investing in motorsports, be it Formula 1, Formula E, or endurance racing as before. While Alpine grows, all Renault Sport Cars and Renault Sport Racing activities will be united under its umbrella. Alpine has a modern factory filled with skilled specialists in Dieppe, where the A110 is made. Renault Sport is comprised of 300 people who certainly know how to develop sports cars, such as the spicy Megane RS Trophy or Alpine's all-aluminum lightweight wonder.

Finally, there's Renault Sport Racing, an F1 team employing 1,200 people. As such, Renault has some of the best aerodynamicists, mechanics, and powertrain engineers in the world, now all working under the Alpine brand.

"It is a natural fit in many ways and the co-development of an EV sportscar is hugely exciting for our companies, our fans and customers around the world," said Phil Popham, CEO of Lotus Cars in a press release. "The joint-services element of our agreement will additionally make our engineering expertise available to those wishing to engage our innovations.”

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How excited are you about the proposed electric Alpine-Lotus, and what comes after that?

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