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Porsche Design Trolls Hypebeasts Everywhere By Only Giving Them 2.7 Seconds to Preorder Shoes

The new Porsche Design x Puma collection was inspired by the 911 Turbo—and so was the trick they're playing with the purchase button.

Porsche and sneaker fans have one important thing in common: They both love to get stuff you can’t have. Think about it: Both are willing to jump through ridiculous hoops and wait for what they want. The resale markets for limited-edition drops are ridiculous. Oh, and whenever someone makes more of something, as the GT3 Touring essentially did to the 911R, that original thing drops in value—but at least you got to say you had it first, right? 

This single-circle Venn diagram of hype is about to be played in the funniest way, courtesy of a Porsche Design collaboration with Puma. The Porsche Design x Puma Icons of Fast collection includes eight different Speedcat and Future Rider shoes with colorways inspired by different generations of the Porsche 911 Turbo

Porsche Design x Puma

Each shoe corresponds to one of the eight generations of the 911 Turbo, with Future Rider shoes for the four aircooleds (930 3.0L, 930 3.3L, 964 and 993) and Speedcats for the four watercooleds (996, 997, 991 and 992). You can see the full collection here, but I have to admit that the 964’s Turbo Mint Green might be the raddest one. Also, I miss my long-dead Speedcats, and no no no, I should not be buying expensive Porsche-branded shoes right now. (The silver 996 ones, though? Those.)

It’s also the one true kryptonite to Porsche/hypebeast (…parshbeast?) bank accounts: a limited release. Preorders come with a limited-edition poster inspired by the collection. According to Carscoops, each pair sells for $150.

The catch? The “buy it now” button only appears for the length of time it takes a new 911 Turbo: 2.7 seconds. Hahahahahahaha. Hahahahahaha. Haha. HA. I know some especially hype-bait items sell out almost immediately, but they also don’t automatically shut off the button in 2.7 seconds. 

Porsche Design x Puma

There’s a countdown clock running on the collection’s website, and when it reaches zero, that’s it. You have 2.7 seconds to preorder. Go! 

Fortunately for those of us who don’t need to have something first, this is just the preorder round. If you like these and would rather buy them without watching a countdown clock, just ride it out. 

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