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1991 Ford F-150 Pace Truck Rocks Supercharged V8, Rad Body Kit for $40K

For once, the price might be right on this unique piece of '90s automobilia.

The 1991 Ford F-150 pace truck from several PPG IndyCar World Series races is up for sale on Hemmings, and for once the price is right. The heavily customized truck can be yours for less than $40,000, and it’s got as much go as it does show.

This truck marks a meeting between legendary speed shop owner Jack Roush and McLaren Performance (the same people that helped create the Buick GNX). Under the hood lies a 500-hp 5.0-liter Roush V8 with Trick Flow heads and a performance intake. The truck comes with a four-speed automatic gearbox, which may be its least impressive component, but shifts are said to be reasonably quick and it makes the F-150 easy to drive. Roush and McLaren didn’t stop there, as the duo added water-cooled, four-wheel power disc brakes, 18-inch AZE wheels, and a wide-open Flowmaster-style exhaust

In case the powerful engine and shouty exhaust weren’t enough to let everyone know that the truck means business, it was given a full custom body kit with a new front fascia, side panels, and an upgraded bed with rear-facing seats. Each side of the bed has hidden doors that fold out to allow access to the custom chairs. There’s also a large arch flowing out of the bed toward the truck’s roof that looks like an over-the-top design piece. While it certainly makes a statement, the arch is actually an integrated rollbar, capping off the F-150’s outlandish look. 

In the world of eye-watering auction prices we’ve seen flood the likes of Bring a Trailer, it’s surprising to see it listed for just $35,995. With only 5,145 miles on the clock and a host of one-off features, somebody’s going to get one heck of a deal on this truck 

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