Relax With Fury in a Dodge Hellcat Reindeer Adult Onesie This Holiday Season

We can’t think of anything better to wear while commuting from the dinner table to the couch.

byJerry Perez|
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The holiday season is officially upon us, and that means two things: eating and sleeping as much as possible during the always-too-short days off from work. So why not do both of those things in ultimate comfort? Say hello to the Dodge Hellcat Reindeer adult onesie—the ultimate holiday outfit and the newest addition to our already childish wardrobe.

We found this gem of the high fashion world on the Dodge merchandise website this morning while perusing the automaker's new Challenger 50th anniversary clothing line. And interestingly enough, it was listed in the men and women's "Casual Wear" section. Crafted from 100% polyester fleece and sporting the Dodge and Hellcat Reindeer logos on the chest and knee, the warm and cozy couture suit is bound to be the perfect attire for completing multiple food-gathering trips between your dining room table and living room couch.


Sadly, it appears that whoever Dodge hired to manufacture these didn't think things through, because the onesie is missing much-needed pockets for carrying vital items like soda cans, candy canes, TV remotes, smartphones, etc. You can pick up a Hellcat Redeye cooler, however, which we suppose you could stock up and strategically place by the couch and maybe even use it as an ottoman.

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If you can't quite comprehend why the badass Hellcat mascot has been tamed with reindeer antlers then look no further than the video above, which features former WWE wrestler turned actor Bill Goldberg dressed as Santa Claus piloting a Hellcat Santa sled. Goldberg...erm Santa, appears to travel through charming middle-class neighborhoods spreading supercharger whine to all.

Whether you're hosting family at home or traveling elsewhere this festive season, it's never too late to find that one outfit that's guaranteed to make your parents question their life choices and your uppity relatives deny their related to you in any way, shape or form. At $69.95 plus shipping this pleasure won't come cheap, but we definitely think it's money well spent.

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