This All-New, Period-Correct Ad Celebrating the 1994 Audi RS 2 Is Retro Perfection

Audi compiled fresh footage as well as never-before-seen material to honor this legendary wagon that’s now legal for import into the U.S.

byChris Chin|
Audi News photo

While Audi has scored highly among wagon enthusiasts for announcing the U.S.-bound RS 6 Avant's return, Ingolstadt’s finest decided to remind us of where all its legendary long-roof glory began 25 years ago with the original 1994 RS 2 Avant in the coolest way possible.

Like a blast from the past, Audi produced a new, period-correct advertisement for the RS 2 as part of a multistage tribute to all the high-performance wagons it’s produced over the years. This, the first edition of several in a series, celebrates the collaborative lovechild with Porsche, which basically gave birth to its beloved RS performance division—and it’s nothing less than spectacular.

The company went above and beyond to make sure every bit of the video was accurate to the era it recreates. To do so, the production team was limited to using equipment made no later than 1994, all so that they could capture the look and feel of the mid-'90s to the T.

The ad starts off with a young man watching a classic tube television, and just as he turns it on, you can spot a clever Easter egg. Not only does it show the RS 2 Avant in its all its original glory, but a good portion of the reel is actually from Audi’s own marketing archives, which was never publicly aired and thus, never seen before.

Other stellar details include the cameo appearance of Audi’s DTM champion from the early 1990s, Hans-Joachim Stuck. And according to Petrolicious, the hilarious mooning toy at the closing of the video wasn’t just out of random choice either; instead, it was a throwback to a sticker mounted on the rear plexiglass of Stuck’s Audi 90 from his dominating run in the 1989 IMSA season.

The best part of it all might be that, despite the original promotional footage stating that the RS 2 Avant wasn't available in the U.S., it can now be brought stateside as it meets the 25-year-old import requirements.

If you’re looking to kill a few minutes of your time this weekend, this video is certainly worth the watch