BMW Working on New V8 That Could Debut in Upcoming M5 CS Super Sedan: Report

It'll supposedly be lighter and more compact, with the potential for partial electrification.

2018 BMW M5 V8

Rumor has it that BMW is developing n a new, high-powered V8 and it could be headed for the upcoming M5 CS. BMWBlog reports that the power plant is currently under works and could be ready in as little as two to three years.

While Munich’s M-division is known for its silky smooth inline-sixes, the company also has a track record of developing epic V8s. And while it was originally thought that the current crop of eight-cylinders could be the company's last ahead of total vehicle electrification, this hearsay could indicate another generation of performance-focused internal combustion engines.

Information is scarce—and unconfirmed—but rumors claim the new engine will first surface as an M version called the S68, and it's said to be quite an improvement over the existing S63. The new V8 will reportedly retain its forced induction by way of two turbochargers, which likely sit between the cylinder banks as they do in the current engine. 

Size and packaging are said to be more compact, and the new engine will supposedly be significantly lighter as well. This hints at the possibility of partial electrification, which could surface in the form of a new 48-volt mild hybrid system. As it stands, the current M5 sedan makes 600 horsepower, so expect that number to take a marginal hike once, or if, this engine hits production.

It's unclear if the V8's core design will be all-new or based on the current generation S63, but regardless, die-hard fans of gears and gasoline could have reason to celebrate for a bit longer if BMW decides to carry on with more fossil-fueled super sedans in the future.