GM Recalls 3.5M Chevrolet, GMC, Cadillac Trucks and SUVs Due to Possible Brake Failure

A faulty component within the braking system can lose effectiveness over time, making it harder to stop.

byChris Teague|
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General Motors is recalling 3.5 million pickup trucks and SUVs made by Chevrolet, GMC, and Cadillac to fix a known braking problem. This recall is of high priority and not taking action can have serious consequences, as the automaker claims it has already caused multiple accidents and at least 13 reported injuries. 

Reuters reports that the vehicles are being recalled to address an issue with the vacuum pump that could make braking more difficult. The problem has been linked to 113 accidents, but the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) claims it started investigating in November 2018 after it said there were reports of nine crashes and two injuries. In July, the organization provided GM with its report, which prompted the automaker to open a separate investigation.

In the recall, GM says the issue could affect braking in "rare circumstances," while the NHTSA said in its statement that “vehicles may experience brake boost failure, which would require increased brake pedal effort, leading to a hard brake pedal feel and potentially increased stopping distance.” Owners of affected vehicles will be able to take them to a dealer, where the electronic brake control module will be reprogrammed to improve how it utilizes the hydraulic brake boost assist function when vacuum assist is depleted. The pump is apparently lubricated with engine oil that is filtered through a screen, which can become clogged with debris and reduce the effectiveness of the pump. 

GM’s recall includes the Cadillac Escalade, Chevrolet Silverado, Chevrolet Tahoe, GMC Sierra, Chevrolet Suburban, and GMC Yukon, all between the 2014 and 2018 model years. Vehicles made prior to that time do not use the faulty pump, and models made after 2018 are safe, according to GM.

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