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Listen to This Sci-Fi-Like Porsche Taycan Prototype Zoom Around Denmark

This high-performance electric car makes all the right noises—when it counts.

A prototype of Porsche’s first-ever electric vehicle, the Taycan sports sedan, has been filmed trotting around Copenhagen, Denmark in light camouflage.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by user “Pro- Street” [sic], the Taycan can be seen in what resembles a near-production guise, with camouflage on just a handful of body details. Its headlights and front fender vents wear light camouflage, and on the rear bumper, Porsche has slapped fake exhaust pipes to trick onlookers into thinking that they’re looking at a Panamera.

Easily the most significant moment in the video is at three minutes and 50 seconds, when the Taycan takes off from a stop inside a parking garage, amplifying the sci-fi-like sound of the Taycan’s electric drivetrain.

Speaking of which, Porsche confirmed last July that the Taycan will have over 600 horsepower and twin-motor all-wheel-drive, which will allow a 0-to-60 dash in less than 3.5 seconds. When not flat-out, Porsche estimates that the Taycan will be able to drive as far as 311 miles on a single charge, though the company has yet to announce whether that’s on the modern WLTP test cycle or the obsolete, EV-flattering NEDC cycle.

Those are only the specs for the launch model, of course. Porsche has mentioned in official emails the existence of a high-performance Taycan Turbo, which will surely have the standard car beaten for performance, if not range as well. Pricing is expected to come in above $130,000 for this, the top-of-the-line Taycan, with entry-level pricing just over $90,000.

Porsche has stated that the Taycan appeals to consumers enough that over 20,000 people worldwide have dropped $2,500 deposits for launch-spec cars, despite the fact that the final model hasn’t yet been revealed, and won’t be until September. Deliveries, Porsche hopes, will begin by the end of the year. Let the inevitable Tesla comparisons begin.