Porsche Releases Video on How to Properly Pronounce ‘Taycan’

Porsh-ah tie-khan. Or is it tay-khan?

byChris Tsui|
Porsche News photo

Porsche is preparing to introduce its first electric car to take on Tesla. But before it does that, the automaker thought we'd all benefit from a crash-course on how to pronounce the thing's name. 

Initially known as the Mission E—a simple name clear in intention that really shouldn't cause any confusion phonetically—Porsche's future EV will be known as the Taycan. Much like Porsche itself (that's porsh-ah, by the way), Taycan isn't all that straightforward to figure out when it comes to its proper pronunciation. 

Tie-khan. Tie. Khan. Tie as in necktie. Khan as in Kanye West. Or gymkhana

Not taken. Not tay-can. Not tiken. Tie-khan.

I'm no phonics expert but by this logic, shouldn't the Cayman be pronounced, er, kai-mon?

The Porsche Taycan will be a long, sloping luxury sedan similar in ethos to the Tesla Model S and be priced somewhere in between the Cayenne (kai-yen) and Panamera (pan-amera). Thanks to some low-mounted batteries, the car is said to have a lower center of gravity than the 911 (nine-eleven). Apparently able to add 62 miles of charge in just four minutes, the Taycan will share tech with the Audi e-tron GT and perhaps even Bentley's first EV

A lifted, off-road wagon version called the Cross Turismo has also been approved for production

Porsche says the Taycan name, by the way, is Turkish in origin and loosely translates to "lively young horse." That's pronounced lie-vlee

yung hoarse.