This Is What a Porsche Taycan GT3 Would Look Like—If It Existed

Will such a thing ever happen? Color us excited.

Porsche has managed to steal some of Tesla’s spotlight since announcing its future electric vehicle: the Taycan. The swanky EV aims to deliver the performance and panache that Porsche is already known for, in addition to the electric drivetrain and high-tech persona that’s made Tesla so popular in recent years. But will a super-sports, a.k.a GT3, variant of the Taycan ever exist? 

The folks at Taycan EV Forum would like to believe so, or at least that’s what a rendering of a “Taycan GT3” in Guards Red leads us to believe. The image was recently shared by a member of the enthusiast forum, and we think it looks pretty darn hot.


As our very own Alex Roy originally discovered, Porsche will follow its traditional model hierarchy of Taycan, Taycan 4S, and Taycan Turbo once it debuts, even if the electric sports sedan lacks an actual turbocharger—or an internal combustion engine for that matter. Could there eventually be room for a Taycan GT3 or GT RS?

Producing a high-downforce and high-power Taycan GT3 makes a lot of sense for many reasons, especially considering how much Porsche lovers are willing to pay for the current 911 variants like the GT3, Touring, and RS. But while it’s hard to imagine that the German automaker won’t cash in an opportunity to inflate its bottom line, it goes without saying that the world of street-legal, track-inspired EVs is still a bit of a mystery in terms of engineering and marketability.

Perhaps Porsche’s corporate parent Volkswagen will tap into the knowledge it gained from its Pikes Peak record-holder I.D. R, and get to work on a Taycan GT3 at some point. Only time will tell.