Watch a Drunk Driver Crash and Fly Into the Sky While Attempting to Escape Police

Despite the spectacular and failed getaway, the driver only lost his license for 15 days.

Belgian authorities just released a wild video of an accused drunk driver who made the mistake of attempting to evade the police. According to Focus WTV, the boys in blue didn’t have to pursue the boozed-up motorist for long thanks to a retractable bollard that stopped the car in its tracks.

Reportedly, Police attempted to perform a check on the 24-year-old driver from Poland who was behind the wheel of an Audi driving through the streets of Roeselare, Belgium. The event occurred on the weekend preceding New Year’s Eve, a common time for party-goers to abuse their driving privileges by having one-too-many rinks before hopping in the driver’s seat. It’s not clear if the driver was stopped at a checkpoint intended to catch inebriated drivers or if a traffic stop was performed. Regardless, the driver sped off instead of complying with the check and police took chase.

Fortunately, the pursuit was short lived when the driver collided with a retractable bollard meant to prevent drivers from barreling through intersections and crosswalks. And thanks to the magic of security cameras you can watch the moment of impact in the video released by authorities:

Police were nowhere in sight when the crash occurred, but local news states that they did manage to capture the suspect after the vehicle was immobilized by the bollard. The driver was reportedly determined to be piloting his vehicle under the influence and lost his license for 15 days, a sentence that seems incredibly short considering the crime and damage caused by the crash.