Drunk Driver Empties Can of Axe Body Spray in His Mouth in Attempt to Fool Police

Making your mouth smell like a young teenager's armpit won't keep you out of jail.

A South Carolina driver reportedly doused his mouth with Axe body spray in order to avoid smelling like booze to a Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office deputy. Unfortunately for the overly scented male, the rich aroma of cheap cologne didn’t keep him from going to jail and being charged with drunk driving, driving without a valid driver’s license, driving without valid insurance, and carrying an open alcohol container.

According to the Smoking Gun, 49-year-old Efren Mencia-Ramirez was spotted speeding and erratically weaving in and out of traffic. This prompted a nearby deputy to perform a traffic stop and approach the vehicle that Mencia-Ramirez and another passenger were traveling in. It’s not clear what kind of vehicle the fragrance aficionado was driving, but the report claims several Corona Extra beer cans and other open containers were scattered throughout the cabin.

While approaching the vehicle, a Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office deputy noticed Mencia-Ramirez holding something up to his mouth, only to realize moments later that he was emptying a can of “Axe body spray in his mouth to cover the smell of alcohol on his breath,” reads the report.

The 49-year-old was instructed to perform a field sobriety test, which he ultimately failed, as his blood alcohol content was registered at nearly twice the legal limit, according to the Smoking Gun.

It’s unclear if the passenger was involved in any wrongdoing, but despite Mencia-Ramirez’ best efforts, he is currently being held in county jail with a case of “Ice Chill” breath—or was it “Gold Citron?”