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2019 Chevrolet Corvette Prices Leap, See up to $2,500 Hike

If you've been waiting to pull the trigger on a new C7 you 'Vetter' hurry.

Chevrolet is making the call to raise prices on the 2019 Corvette, ranging from a $405 to $2,500 increase, depending on the model. 

Documents from Kerbeck Corvette showed the new base pricing for the upcoming model line before Chevrolet even listed the info on its own site. The increase starts out at $405 for the base model Stingray coupe—changing it from $55,495 to $55,900—while the base model convertible has a $905 increase from $59,495 to $60,400. 

The convertibles are getting a $500 increase over their coupe counterparts on all trims, and that’s in addition to the already-higher cost before the hike. Once shoppers get into Z06 and ZR1 territory, the increases are well above $1,000. As for the Grand Sport, it’s treated to the same pricing increase as the lower trim Stingrays. Keep in mind that all of these prices are pre-destination fee or gas tax fees. 

Here’s the whole breakdown, via CorvetteBlogger:


In addition to the increase in pricing on the models themselves, GM is also upping the cost on the eight-speed automatic paddle-shift transmission that appears on 80 percent of Corvettes sold. The price to have this optional equipment will go from $1,725 to $1,995.

The Corvettes currently sitting on the dealer lots won’t be affected by any of these increases, but every Corvette invoiced from this point forward will. Now might be the time to go get a C7 if you’ve been wanting one because they’re not getting cheaper anytime soon.