A 2019 Porsche 911 GT3 RS Tears up an Old Rock Quarry

This stunt is a tribute to the YouTube videos from TaxtheRich100.

byTalon Homer|
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An Illinois man going by the name of Jack Lumber recently filmed himself slinging a 2019 Porsche 911 GT3 RS around the dirt and gravel roads of a rock quarry. He edited the footage to Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, and put it up on YouTube for us all to enjoy.

The video is titled "Ode to Tax the Rich," referring to the now-inactive YouTube channel TaxtheRich100. The channel gained a substantial following for uploading footage of very expensive cars performing stunts on an English farm property. Its biggest video featured a multi-million Ferrari Enzo sliding through mud at high speed. Another had two F50s roped together in a tug of war match that really just ended in massive reverse burnouts.

This particular four-minute video starts off with some delightful noise from the Porsche's naturally aspirated flat-six, as it makes its way onto a makeshift rally stage. Multiple cameras film the 911 performing slides and 360 degree donuts, and getting pretty dirty in the process. The car then comes to a stop, looking out onto a small lake that occupies the center of the quarry.

The last video uploaded to the TaxtheRich100 page is January 2016. In the video a rare Ferrari F40 GT makes its way through a wet autocross course. As the film comes to a close, the Ferrari drives off-screen and what sounds like a dubbed-in crash sound effect is heard. The footage cuts to black, and the words "The End" appear, possibly signalling that the channel itself had come to a close.

Jack Lumber's “Ode to Tax the Rich” video may not have been as extreme or expensive as those found on TaxtheRich100, but it does make for a solid homage, and it brings quality entertainment to those who prefer to see supercars outside of a squeaky-clean showroom.

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