2025 Toyota 4Runner Spied With a Boxy Shape and Rear Light Bar

The 4Runner on sale today has been around 15 years, but its successor is out testing on public roads ahead of an upcoming debut.

byCaleb Jacobs|
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Via 4Runner6G.com


The current-gen Toyota 4Runner is old enough to be my dad. Not really, but it is old by new car standards. What other vehicle can you name that's still sold with a five-speed automatic? There aren't any—just the 4Runner. That's sure to change soon as this camouflaged test mule seems to be the next-generation SUV, and it sports a boxy shape that's sure to get the off-road fans (like me) going.

It was spied by a 4Runner6G.com user near Toyota's proving grounds in Arizona. There's little to glean in terms of specific design details, though one commenter points out what looks like aero vents on the front fender, similar to what the new Tacoma has. The truck's overall shape is worth a closer look.

Via 4Runner6G.com

We only see it from the rear, but it's tall and flat back there, a lot like the other Toyota 4x4s that have dropped in the past year or two. It appears to have a heckblende taillight, connecting the lamps on either side of the hatch. There's no way to tell the exact design but it's worth noting the Lexus GX has such a rear lighting setup, and it looks very good on that SUV.

What this 4Runner apparently doesn't share with the GX is its windshield. Whereas the Lexus' is almost totally vertical and flat, the 4Runner prototype seen here sports a more drastically raked screen that's presumably curved on the sides. That could decisively soften its appearance, but it's tough to say without seeing it in full. It could also be less of a headache as flat windshields like the GX's and Jeep Wrangler's are notorious rock magnets.

The 4Runner in these photos is likely a 4x4 model given its larger tires and big gap to the fenders. Still, the rubber doesn't look aggressive enough for it to be a TRD Pro, so it may be a TRD Off-Road. Anyone who cares about the 4Runner wants to know how good the new one will be in the mud, gravel, sand, and snow, but it's impossible to tell from photos taken in the concrete jungle.

It's all but confirmed that the 2025 4Runner will be powered by Toyota's 2.4-liter turbo-four. That's what the new Land Cruiser has, and it's also what you'll find under the new Tacoma pickup's hood. Wishful thinking has us speculating it may offer a six-speed manual like the Tacoma, but the eight-speed automatic is pretty much a shoo-in. It also may or may not have a hybrid powertrain as standard, though you can bet it'll be optional at the very least. That could mean 326 horsepower and 465 lb-ft of torque like the Land Cruiser and Tacoma hybrid both pack.

Toyota has strung together some solid base hits with its new TNGA-F platform and the latest rig to ride on that architecture—the GX—is a home run. Here's hoping the 4Runner will be a lot like that one for less money. If that's the case, then it might really be worth the wait.

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