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Toyota’s New Custom Land Cruiser 70 Parts Are Resto-Modding Done Right

We've all seen classic SUVs ruined by cheapo parts. But Toyota is here to show us how it should be done.
Modellista parts on the 70-series Toyota Land Cruiser

Those dudes who questionably modded their Honda Civics in the early 2000s have all grown up now. They have kids, probably an SUV, and it might be a classic. They mod them just as poorly, with cheapo fly-eye LED headlights, fake bead locks wheels, and rickety lift kits. But maybe they’ll realize they can do better when they see Toyota’s new in-house custom parts for the 70-series Land Cruiser.

The parts come from Toyota’s customization division Modellista, which worked to develop them with Japan Offroad Service (or JAOS), a major aftermarket truck parts company. It’s a little odd to see OEM support like this almost four decades after entering production, though the 70-series is still in production, and actually getting an update for 2024. So while not all mods from such disparate time periods work out, these look plenty respectable.

As outlined in Japan’s Response, Modellista’s mods are headlined by an alternate front bumper equipped with LED running lights and amber fog lamps. It offers front and rear “undercover” aluminum panels that might work as skid plates (the translation isn’t clear), and 18-inch aluminum wheels finished in matte bronze. A roof rack with optional side railings rounds out the exterior, while a fitted washable trunk liner serves a similar purpose inside. There, Modellista’s interior wood grain panels match the steering wheel to class things up, while interior LEDs balance out the dimming fitted tint.

If the overall effect is to your liking, you’ll have to get these parts the hard way. Modellista may have announced its entry to the U.S. market at this year’s SEMA Show, but good luck getting 70 Series accessories without paying for international shipping. So, if you want what you see here but don’t know Japanese, now’s the time to sell your soul to the collective and download Duolingo.

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