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Toyota Will Make New Parts for Your FJ40 Land Cruiser

First came support for the Supra, then the 2000GT, and now, the off-roader that built a dynasty.

An apparently dwindling supply of parts for Toyota’s FJ40 Land Cruiser has left owners searching everywhere for rare and obscure components. Fortunately for them, Toyota has confirmed it will resume manufacturing parts for the historic 4×4.

Like the Supra and 2000GT before it, which received support last summer, new-old components for the FJ40 will be produced under Toyota’s GR Heritage Parts Project. To work out what parts are most direly needed to keep 40 Series off-roaders cruising the land, Toyota surveyed dealers and owners’ club representatives around the world, settling on powertrain parts as its top priority.

40 Series Toyota Land Cruiser, Toyota

Toyota hasn’t yet identified which parts will re-enter production, disclosing only that it will focus on “engines, drivelines, and exhaust systems.” Owners’ requests for specific drivetrain parts—or pieces of different assemblies entirely—can be fielded online, through a form on Toyota’s website.

As with past parts programs, the components will hit the market as they become ready, and be available through the GR Heritage Parts Project website. Toyota targets a market launch in early 2022, which owners of sidelined 40 Series hope won’t be pushed back by ongoing parts shortages. Availability will be global—assuming Toyota is less concerned with where FJ40 parts end up than brand-new 300 Series Land Cruisers. One’d be a lot harder to replace than the other, after all.

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