The Last Production Dodge Viper and Demon Will Auction Together for Charity

Turn your tires into smoke for a good cause.

byJames Gilboy|


Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles announced Thursday that the final production examples of its Viper and Challenger SRT Demon will be auctioned as a pair June 20 at Barrett-Jackson Northeast, in Uncasville, Connecticut. Proceeds will be donated to international charity The United Way, with which FCA has had a long-standing relationship.

Both cars are the last of their kind to roll off the assembly line, and are painted in matching Viper Red. Each are said to have unique badging and detailed vehicle identification number documentation.

The Viper in question was never intended to be sold; it was to be kept for the Dodge Heritage Collection according to Dodge Garage. With the Demon's limited production run of 3,300 also at an end, these two cars may well be among the last sold in new (or near new) condition, hence Dodge's description of this auction lot as "The Ultimate Last Chance."

Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles

The first production car of the final generation of Vipers went to auction for charity in 2012 and the initial Challenger SRT Hellcat did the same in 2014. Both were painted Stryker Red and fetched a combined donation in excess of $2 million.

While the Viper itself is gone for good, its legacy will live on in the facility that once produced it, which is now converted to house an FCA museum. Its loyal owners celebrated the snake with a crusade against the Nurburgring lap record, which ended the way every other crusade did: disappointment.

The Demon, on the other hand, proved a fast enough car from the factory that the NHRA banned it from competition, as cars that achieve its quarter mile times are required to have a roll cage. Though it can't attend sanctioned races, it still boasts the distinction of being one of the fastest-accelerating production cars in history, one also capable of steaming to a 203 mph top speed when delimited.

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