My Wedding Chariot, the Bentley Bentayga

Power, luxury, and a cocoon from the stressors of everyday life, the Bentayga is a wedding carriage like no other. It will also impress the in-laws.

bySam Bendall| UPDATED Apr 5, 2018 2:10 PM
My Wedding Chariot, the Bentley Bentayga

Many of us mere mortals will never experience the sheer opulence of a Bentley outside of drooling over one at an auto show or the local valet. It's the vehicle you buy when you wish to be wrapped in the pinnacle of automotive luxury. Or, you could just get one delivered to your door for running wedding errands. At least that's how I got to experience life like the top 1 percent. As my then-fiancée planned the details of our big day, I was Johnny-on-the-spot meeting the demands of wedding coordination and Bentley was kind enough to give us a Bentayga for the week so I could take care of business in pure style, making the mundane exquisite.

Come Fly With Me

, The Bentayga made me and everyone who stepped foot inside like luxury SUV like members of royalty., Sam Bendall

Love is a marvelous thing and when you find someone you love through and through, it makes sense to commit to them and build an empire together. I've just experienced one of the biggest days in my life, marrying my best friend. The next big event they say is when you have kids. The latter will come in a couple of years. God-willing.  

Embarking on our big day, it was never our intention to have a grand or illustrious wedding. In fact, we thought about eloping to Paris, running around the city with a photographer friend, and shooting guerrilla-style photos of us exploring the city. Perhaps one day soon we will create our romantic vision on film, but my wife’s father insisted we have a blow-out wedding. So that’s exactly what we did. 

Weddings Are Joyous Moments

, Look, we know how to party. , Christian Soriano

My wife planned mostly everything. She coordinated with the venue, handmade the bridal party bouquets and gifts, created a massive paper flower wall and the centerpiece decor for the tables, and baked 12 cheesecakes for our 102 guests. I definitely married up. I figured, if I'm going to be the (wedding) errand boy, I'm going to do it in the highest level of style, so I got a Bentley Bentayga to be my wedding chariot for a week.

While Bentley was on the verge of holding its Bentayga V8 launch in the Austrian Alps, I donned a suit and tie, and embraced the Alpine White, 600 horsepower W-12 Bentayga before I would walk down the aisle.

Run Errands Like No One Else

, With 600 horsepower on tap, the Bentayga is ready to get errands done! , Sam Bendall

On its exterior, the Bentayga is subtly wrapped in glamour. Like those who hold real wealth—not gaudy Kardashian types—the Bentayga doesn’t flaunt its status. It's refined and non-bombastic. 

The interior is like stepping into a world one can only dream of. The kind of world that has no limit. From hand-sewn coach craft to the knurled textured paddle shifters, every detail inside of the Bentley Bentayga has been curated, designed, and brought to fruition for your personal enjoyment.  

A Diamond in the Rough

, The Bentayga disarms the chaos of everyday life by wrapping you in luxury., Sam Bendall 

What I came to love most about the Bentayga is how it removed the abrasiveness of everyday life, and wrapped me in a cocoon of luxury one would expect to find in a five-star resort. The chaos of family arriving and the number of countless last-minute errands felt glorious and delightful to embark upon. 

When I told my bride to be that the Bentley was outside, I asked her if she wanted to see it. She jokingly remarked, “I don't really care unless it has massaging seats.” With half a grin, I was able to respond, “It actually does.” 

When we departed for the venue the night before the wedding, my bride took the Bentayga and I followed on my motorcycle. Even though she left the house ten minutes before me I could tell she was traveling a little faster than normal. In my attempt to catch up, I was easily traveling slightly above the speed limit. 

As I pulled up to the venue (Adrienne had just arrived only two minutes earlier), I asked her how the drive was as she expressed some concern in driving the Bentayga the day earlier. She exclaimed that regardless of its size, the Bentayga handled flawlessly. The ride was smooth, the power delivery immediate, and it felt like a car that was half its size even though its mass was apparent. She said what she liked most about the Bentagya was that, “When I stepped out of the car at the valet in my long red dress, I felt remarkably regal and special. It was the perfect way to kick off the wedding weekend and it’s a memory I will forever cherish.”

Premiere Parking

, When we rolled up to the venue, the valet moved a Mercedes AMG GT R out of the way and gave us our well-deserved parking spaces.  , Sam Bendall

What seemed to matter most is that the Bentayga minimized all the stress from the week. Family and friends reveled in the Bentagya’s luxury, my mother was beside herself at the craftsmanship of the cabin, and my groomsmen felt like princes and dukes. When it came to the weekend of the wedding, I was in a beautiful place emotionally and spiritually. The Bentayga gave me a place of calm whenever I stepped out of my house. I never quite thought a vehicle could relieve stress so well and make me feel so good.