Bentley Continental GT Will Chase the Pikes Peak Production Car Record in 2019

It'll be piloted by none other than Rhys "King of the Mountain" Millen.

After smashing the production SUV record at Pikes Peak with the Bentayga in 2018, Bentley will be going for yet another record at the Colorado hill-climb later this summer. But this time around, the crew from Crewe is bringing the new Continental GT and aiming for the big one: the production car record. 

Powered by a 626-horsepower W-12 engine, the Continental—like the Bentayga before it—will be piloted by none other than Rhys “King of the Mountain” Millen. 

“When I learned of Bentley’s plans to compete at Pikes Peak for a second time, the decision to work together again was an easy one,” said Millen. “The Continental GT and its W-12 provide us with the perfect platform to begin chasing a new record, and I am looking forward to once again being part of the Bentley Motorsport team that will prepare the car over the coming months.”

“Bentley’s success last year along with the experience we gained will prove to be instrumental in preparing for our return to the mountain” noted Bentley director of motorsport Brian Gush. “The challenge to set the outright record for production cars is not one we underestimate, but we are confident in the combination of our W-12 engine, the dynamic ability of the new Continental GT, and the outstanding skill of Rhys Millen.”

Alas, the big Bentley grand tourer gets from zero to 60 in just 3.6 seconds and packs a 48-volt roll control system to keep all 5,000 pounds of it in check. Taking a look at Pikes Peak’s official race records, it isn’t very clear what car holds the current production record and what time the Continental must beat to take the title, but to give you an idea of what time to expect, the Bentayga made it up the 12.42-mile course in 10:49.9.

Considering Volkswagen won’t be back to the famous race with its electric racer, and still unclear if Acura will be participating after bringing a plethora of vehicles to the Peak in 2018, Bentley may be just one of a handful of automakers showing up in Colorado in 2019.

The almost-perfect 2019 Bentley Continental GT starts at $215,000.