Watch Matt Farah Annihilate Some Canyons in the 2018 Ford GT

Is Ford’s new race car for the street too much to handle on public roads?

byChris Constantine|


Although the famous "One Take" series is winding down a bit, Matt Farah has stated that he'll still be driving the occasional manufacturer-provided exotic car in the Los Angeles canyons or on a race track, and his latest review might be his best yet. 

His new video, uploaded of course to The Smoking Tire's channel, puts Farah behind the wheel of the 2018 Ford GT supercar. It's a rare opportunity, especially considering the arduous process potential GT buyers have to go through and the fact that Ford will only build 250 of these supercars per year until 2020. 

According to Farah, this is also the only GT in Ford's press car fleet. No it's not Jay Leno's GT either, although it does share his car's Matte Black and Competition Orange paint job.

In the video, The Smoking Tire uses his seven hours with the car to rip around the back roads of the famous Angeles Crest Highway.  Farah tests the GT's ability to navigate the maze of technical turns on Angeles Forest Highway and utilizes this road's ultra-acoustic tunnel to get some great exhaust note footage. He then takes a hard right onto Upper Big Tujunga Canyon for some more spirited driving thanks to that road's long straights and sweeping turns. 

You can view Farah's thoughts on Ford's latest supercar below, or watch this video he posted a week ago if you want all of the exhaust sounds and none of the commentary.

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