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Pagani Huayra Roadster Is 764 HP of Kinetic Hypercar Art

The new Pagani roadsters has more power, less weight, and looks even more impressive than its hard-topped stablemate. And it's already sold out.

Pagani’s done it again. The famed Italian automaker has somehow improved upon the Huayra Coupe in a beautifully impressive exercise of design and engineering called the Huayra Roadster. In the words of founder Horatio Pagani, “This is the most complicated project we have ever undertaken.” And complicated it is—the already-sold out droptop hypercar is an all-new design over the Huayra Coupe. 

Starting with the chassis, Pagani’s objective was to increase the structural rigidity of the roadster while decreasing its weight, which, historically, isn’t something that automakers do. Pagani isn’t like most automakers, though, and used a combination of carbo-titanium and a material called Carbo-Trax HP52 to increase the Roadster’s torsional rigidity and reduce the car’s dry weight by 176 pounds. The front and rear frames are made from good ol’ steel.

The engine, sourced from Mercedes-AMG—engine code M158—is a 60-degree twin-turbocharged 6.0-liter V12 that now produces 764 horsepower and 737 pound-feet of torque, up from 720 hp in the Coupe. Pagani says they’ve reworked the turbos to reduce lag—plus, despite the massive power, the M158 meets even CARB regulations.

Pagani has stuck with a single-clutch transmission—this one, developed for the Huayra BC, Pagani’s track-focused Huayra—which it says is 40 percent lighter compared to a dual-clutch system. Apparently the X-Trac built ‘box is all-new, too, featuring a new Bosch ECU and carbon synchronizers. The differential is electronic and was also designed with Bosch.

The Hauyra Roadster’s suspension was also influenced by the Huayra BC, but uses a new high-strength, lightweight aluminum alloy called HiForg that was designed specially for the Roadster. This material alone helped reduce the car’s suspension componentry by 25 percent compared to the Huayra Coupe.

The carbon ceramic brakes are made with Brembo, with six-pot units in front and four-piston calipers in the rear—which will no doubt bring the lightweight Roadster to a standstill without breaking a sweat. 

Protection from the elements comes in two forms—a carbon hardtop with glass, and a soft emergency top that can be stored in the Roadster’s frunk. If it were up to us, though, we’d leave the top off at all costs. 

Since every Roadster is sold out—Pagani’s only making 100—it’s rare you’ll ever see one, so take a look at the gallery below and ogle this thing for all you’re worth.