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Get Your Kid Rolling With These On-Sale Power Wheels

It's time to ride with these rad power wheels.
Jonathon Klein

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I’m sure you’ve all heard: “Kids these days don’t care about cars. They only care about phones.” I’m here to tell you that’s completely and utterly wrong. They do love cars, and that love can start by simply teaching them how to wrench, taking them to a race, or plopping them behind the wheel of everyone’s favorite toy, power wheels.

The kids’ toy has been around for decades and remains a fan favorite of children around the world as well as my own rugrats. They’re also not super expensive and can breed a love of cars like no other toy can. Sure, Hot Wheels are great, but you can’t drive a Hot Wheels. You can, however, drive and drift power wheels. And right now, there are a load of them on sale on Amazon.

If you want to help share your enthusiasm for cars with your children, scroll through the list below and click Buy It Now for hours of fun and yelling, “Watch out for that wall!”

Did you have a tiny car or truck as a child? Which one? Have you already gotten your child power wheels? Let me know in the comments below.