Get the Kids Started in Their New Homes With a Power Tool Set From Home Depot

Whether they’ve just become new homeowners or they’re going back to college, a cordless tool combo can make easy work of many tasks.

byKara Snow|
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My niece, Kelsey, is getting ready to leave home for her second year at ASU. This time, however, she won’t be warehoused in a dinky dorm room. She’ll be sharing a spacious apartment with some friends. The extended family is busy outfitting her new place with furniture, kitchen gear, and brand-new linens, but I know what she really needs: her very own cordless power tool set.

Auntie—that’s me—uses Black & Decker for household chores. (I have professional air tools in the garage for motorcycle/car work.) But getting a brand-new set for Kelsey meant the door was open to all of the major battery-powered tool manufacturers. I set out to find the sales, and here’s a sample.

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