Amazon’s Hot Wheels Sales Are Here to Help You Corrupt the Little Ones

The ultimate way to share the illness.

byHank O'Hop|
Hot Wheels Deals

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While love for cars is certainly carved into our DNA, something needs to wake it up. Some moment in your life needs to come along to tug at the thread that causes it all to unravel. For me, one Christmas stands out, as after unwrapping my piles of Hot Wheels, my dad helped me set up the tracks. We played for hours. I might have been the one on the young side of the spectrum, but my dad's inner child made it hard to tell who the kid was on Christmas morning. The more I think about it, the more apparent it becomes that I never stood a chance. 

The point is that sharing your passions with the little ones is an amazing thing. What might seem like a simple, fun moment can ultimately kick off a lifelong passion. It also gives you a reason to play with totally rad toys, which we all secretly love. So check out the list of deals I rounded up on Hot Wheels. Who knows, they just might be the most important Christmas present you surprise them with this year. 

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