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byRobert Bacon|
Garmin DriveSmart 65
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Last weekend I was exploring the Baja desert with some friends and a tour guide and one of the wheels flew off my friends’ dune buggy leaving them stranded. Thankfully, our guide was also a mechanic, so they limped back home without too much hassle. But it got me thinking about how if we had done a self-guided tour, we’d have been stranded. We had no cell reception or clue where we were, and this is where an emergency GPS unit shows its worth.

Off-road adventures always highlight the usefulness of a GPS unit to me. We had a tour guide to lead us to some of the most beautiful sights in Baja California, but if we didn’t, we could’ve used a GPS unit. So I’ve gathered the best Garmin models on sale in the hope that you’ll pick one up and explore some uncharted territory next weekend. And even if your tires never touch dirt, there’s a unit on this list for you.

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