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Amazon’s CRKT Knife Sale Is One You Can’t Miss

When in doubt, knife it out. Just kidding.
Three CRKT knives

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I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but I love knives. Not just because I was that kid who bought trash knives from those rando mall stores and comic-book conventions, I love them because of their overall utility and my own experience. You can do a lot with a knife, from opening boxes, filleting a fish, unscrewing a screw, and trimming zip ties holding your bumper together to even cutting your seat belt after a bad wreck.

But having a good everyday carry (EDC) is something not everyone has, although they absolutely should. And now, thanks to Amazon’s excellent Columbia River Knife and Tool—CRKT—sale, you have no reason not to be properly equipped whenever you leave the house.

Ranging from small pocket knives to fixed blades and even an axe and kukri (with an unfortunate name), you’ve got the pick of CRKT’s excellent litter. All you need to do is match your personal style and what you want your knife to do for you, and bam, you’re ready for the world outside. What are you waiting for? These deals aren’t going to last forever.

Let us know which knife you ultimately get in the comments below.