Gearhead Prime Day Deal of the Day: This Engine Hoist is 20% Off Today Only

I never knew how badly I needed a chain block hoist until I saw this one for just $56.

byJon Langston|
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As we've been telling you, Amazon's Prime Day is chock full of great deals on all kinds of products and gear for auto enthusiasts. Car lovers everywhere use this annual event to stock up on tools, parts, accessories—all kinds of stuff for the car and garage. 

One thing we did not expect to see on sale for Prime Day—and something I had no idea how much I needed—was this chain engine block hoist from Specstar. A manual hoist with a 2-ton capacity, it comes with two hooks and ten feet of chain. But here's the best bit: Normally $70, until midnight PST it can be had for just $56. 

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Not that I need an engine block hoist, mind you. I mean, the wife would kill me. But how cool would this look hanging in the garage? And who knows when I'm gonna need to pull the block out of my CR-V. Or, hang a villain by the collar and raise him to the rafters? It could happen.

Made of cold-rolled, forge-heated, hardened alloy steel, this hoist is equipped with load-sharing gears and four precision-processed chains. I'll get a lifting capacity of up to two tons (4,000 lbs.), and I'll be able to easily lift that weight up to 10 feet! That'll keep a bad guy or two at bay while I kick ass on the rest of them.

Built to meet ASME B30.16 Overhead Hoist Safety Standards, this hoist features 360-degree rotating, fully forged drop-down steel hooks, pre-lubricated ball bearings, and precision machined components, guaranteed to operate smoothly and minimize manual effort. It's even equipped with a mechanical load brake. 

The chains are reinforced through black oxidation to increase durability. All the components are hardened to ensure reduced wear and tear, and the black oxidation treatment process ensures the chains will resist rust and corrosion while prolonging service life. With efficiency like that, the baddies have zero chance against my kung fu.

All right, I talked myself into it. I'll never survive unless I have this engine block hoist in my garage. I'm pulling the trigger before Prime Day is over at midnight Pacific— and you should, too.