This 1983 Honda Accord Is Well Worth $20,000

For sale on eBay, this is probably the nicest Accord of its time that exists outside of a museum.

byJustin Hughes|
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There were only two 1983 Honda Accords for sale on eBay at the time this story was published. One is an automatic sedan with more than 200,000 miles, and it's currently listed for $1,750. The other, a manual Accord hatchback with only 32,031 miles, has a current bid for $20,000. Not only is that more than double the original price of $8,549, it's more than many brand-new economy cars available today.

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But this Accord LX is in amazing like-new condition. It's also fully loaded, with air conditioning, power steering, and of course the '80s-tastic louvers over the back window.

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The bright-red interior is also in immaculate condition. The dashboard is not cracked or faded and the seats show no wear or tear. It also includes what appear to be dealer-installed voltage and oil pressure gauges. This car was clearly owned and maintained by someone who cares about cars.

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The clean interior continues under the hatch, with the carpeting, wheel wells, and privacy cover looking to be in perfect condition. But here we see the most glaring wear item on the entire car: the plastic trim surrounding the back seat release lever which has faded to a strange purple color. That this is the most glaring problem with the car says a great deal about the excellent condition it's in.

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The spare tire and shiny jack look like they've never been used in the car's life. And the surrounding metal, which can get dirty and rusty on these cars, looks like it just rolled out of the factory.

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Even the engine bay, with its unique forward opening hood, is clean. This particular EK1 engine is carbureted, but future second-generation Accords like this one would be the first to get fuel injection.

The windshield also sports a shiny inspection sticker from 1988, the last year this car was on the road. Yet all of the important things, new tires, front rotors, brake pads, tune up, wiper blades, fresh oil and filter, have been taken care of.

This car is a literal time capsule, frozen from when an enthusiast owner took it off the road five years after it was new and preserved ever since. The ad says, "This car may be the nicest  wiper blade1983 Honda Accord left in the world that is still in private hands and not in a museum." We agree.

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