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AFTER/DRIVE LIVE $200,000 Bring a Trailer Challenge

It's AFTER/DRIVE LIVE, streamed in real time in front of an audience. What the hell are we thinking?

On a very special, and our very first, AFTER/DRIVE LIVE, it’s the $200,000 Bring a Trailer Challenge. Hosted by The Drive‘s Mike Spinelli and returning champions, co-hosts Michael Prichinello and Zac Moseley of Classic Car Club Manhattan, with special guest and co-founder of auction site Bring a Trailer, Randy Nonnenberg. It’s the first time we’ve ever done AFTER/DRIVE both in front of an audience and livestreaming. No edits, no net and totally live. Yep. We’re totally screwed.

When? Saturday, December 8, 2018. 12:00pm EST.

Where? Right here.

What’s this madness again? AFTER/DRIVE LIVE. We’ve always wanted to do a live version of the talk show we’ve produced since 2013 on As Shakespeare once wrote, “Into the breach, you knuckleheads.”

What is it you’d say you do here?

AFTER/DRIVE is a video podcast we used to shoot in a fake living room, but now we’re doing it at Classic Car Club Manhattan’s amazing new clubhouse on Pier 76 in Manhattan, overlooking the Hudson River.

What do you talk about? All sorts of things, but most often we set a dollar figure and challenge each other to pick “all the cars we’ll ever need” from those that have sold on eBay Motors and Bring a Trailer

People watch this stuff? We were surprised too—20 million views in total since the show’s premiere. Some people just put on their headphones and listen as if it were a straight-up podcast.

Have you ever done a live show before? Nope. It might be a complete disaster, but that could be fun too.