The Alpine SUV Will Be a Porsche Macan Alternative, Report Says

Alpine’s obligatory volume-seller is reportedly expected to arrive before 2019.

byChris Tsui| PUBLISHED Jul 17, 2017 3:16 PM
The Alpine SUV Will Be a Porsche Macan Alternative, Report Says

If you thought the revived A110 would be the lone and only car to grace Alpine's 21st century lineup, think again. According to a report by Auto Express, the delightfully throaty sports coupe will be joined by a Porsche Macan-fighting crossover. 

According to "Alpine insiders," a new, high-riding, money-printing Alpine is currently under development and will arrive sometime before 2019. Taking direct aim at posh mini-utes such as the aforementioned Porsche, Alfa Romeo Stelvio, and Jaguar F-Pace, the unnamed Alpine SUV will follow in its competitors footsteps in featuring a design heavily derived from its less practical brethren. So, think A110 skin grafted onto the bones of a crossover.

As for which crossover's bones it'll use, Alpine is spoiled for choice as SUV platforms from parent company Renault or step-parent Nissan are presumably up for grabs. Auto Express even speculates that Infiniti or Mercedes-Benz architecture could be on the table considering Benz's occasional bedmate status with the Yokohama-based automaker.

Engineers claim that Alpine's people-mover won't be a slouch, aiming for a lowest-in-its class curb weight and a four-wheel-steering system lifted and adapted from Renault's upcoming Mégane RS hot hatch. Also sourced from the Mégane RS will be the engine: the same 1.8-liter turbo four-cylinder also found in the Alpine A110. In that application, it's expected to produce 250 hp. Expect additional, larger (or electrified) engine choices to show up eventually.

On the inside, the report says Alpine's crossover will include sporty bucket seats in front of the customer's choice of either a two- or three-seat second row. 

As the A110 was recently revealed to be a strictly non-American affair, we're not expecting for this to come to our shores either. Guess we'll just have to keep buying Range Rovers and Porsches.