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Is A Porsche Macan S The Perfect Ski Trip Vehicle?

Take One Porsche Macan S, Add A COBB Tune, Michelin Winter Tires, And A Roof Box, And It's Perfect

When it comes to long-haul highway cruisers that are reasonably competent when the road gets twisty, it’s easy to turn to Porsche. The Panamera is an impressive corner carver considering its size and comfort levels. The Cayenne is a bit tall to really hustle around bends, but it certainly does so with more confidence than other similarly-sized SUVs. Both of those, however, are budget killers, usually with six-figure price tags on them. If you want to fit four full-sized adults in comfort while roaring down the highway on your way to a ski weekend, then you need a Macan. For a little more than sixty grand, you can have it all, comfort, speed, cornering ability, a PDK transmission, turbos, and even fuel efficiency. 

The Drive’s own Matt Farah recently took this mildly tuned Macan S to Mammoth for a weekend ski trip. Not only did the Porsche, admittedly when fitted with a rooftop storage box, fit all of the skiing gear for four people, but it did so at highway speeds while returning more than 20 miles per gallon. In this video, the Macan is fitted with a set of Michelin-supplied winter tires, which do have a bit softer of a sidewall than the standard OEM fitment tire, but it’s clear that Farah is still able to push the car through the corners quite well. Last year, we drove a Macan GTS on winter tires up Pikes Peak and were impressed with how well it performed. 

It’s pretty clear that Porsche’s Macan is a great option if you’re looking to road trip anywhere, but if you’re going where there is a bunch of snow, maybe pick up a set of those winter tires.