Does The Macan Turbo Make For A Good Snow Machine?

The new Macan Turbo “Performance” model attacks the snow in this typically German review

byBradley Brownell|
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Channelling an even more staid [if that's even possible] version of John H. Davis' Motorweek-style reviews, Autogefühl manages to take almost all of the fun out of driving a 440 horsepower Porsche in the snow. Even for all the typical-Germanness of this full-length feature 24 minute video, it does manage to transfer a ton of useful information for potential buyers who live in cold climates. How does this 3.6 liter V6 Turbocharged "performance pack" rocket perform on sheet ice with decent winter tires? How well does the rear hatch's child safety system work? How does the car's traction control system handle driving in the snow? Can a German actually have fun? All of these questions are answered, and more!

Dragging a Macan out to drive at Porsche's winter driving school (Camp 4) is always going to be a ton of fun, and of course the backdrops are gorgeous snow-covered trees, so even with the restrained commentary, the video is still worth watching. Juxtaposing this Carmine Red Turbo against the beautiful backdrops is worth the price of admission. The final minute of the video is just glorious camera work, so if you're going to skip ahead, maybe just watch that bit. The new Performance Pack for the Macan Turbo adds an additional 40 horsepower to an already powerful car, and previews a potential Turbo S model coming in the future, maybe? While the 0-60 times can't be put to the test on slick snowy roads, it's still mega quick. Check out the video, but maybe make sure you have a cup of coffee on hand, as you may need the extra jolt to stay awake. 

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