This 12-Seat 1959 Cadillac Broadmoor Is Undeniably Cool

It’s one of only 6 built for the historic Broadmoor Hotel.

byCaleb Jacobs|
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We normally like cars for their racing history or outlandish features, but this one is different. Built for the historic Broadmoor Hotel in 1959, this luxo-barge defined elegance and carried passengers to-and-fro luxurious events, making sure that they had the utmost in comfort and exclusivity. The 21-foot long coach is one of just one of six built for the brand, making it exceedingly rare compared to its production counterpart at the time. You can find it here on eBay with a hefty buy it now price of $225K, making sure it stays in the family of rich blood.

It's unlikely that you will see another example kept in as good of shape as this one. The ad details a long list of history and maintenance reports that span nearly 100 pages, showing the past holder's dedication to keeping it in mint condition. The car's skin is largely untouched while it received a full mechanical refurbishment.

Most notably is the car's unparalleled profile, one that stretches longer than any standard pickup or van. It had seating for 12 passengers, lining them up in a row to take them and their dates to Pikes Peak and other locales until the 1970s. An array of windows make viewing a spectacle, much like the car, promising the most ambient surroundings for the Broadmoor's customers.

The extensive listing includes plenty of pictures capturing the Caddy's undercarriage and engine compartment, further supporting its squeaky clean reputation. Lucky enough for the next owner, it's a true peach that looks to be in like-new condition.

There's two weeks left on the auction, so check in to see how high the price climbs. Bidding is open right now and the first offer is yet to be made.

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