Watch a 1,100-HP BMW E30 M3 Drift Around the Nurburgring

Apparently this M3 was banned from the 'ring soon there after.

There are very few instances where you can say “that car has too much power.” And this drift-friendly BMW E30 M3, featured below, is pretty close to being worthy. In the videos below, you can see Vidar Jodahl’s BMW E30 M3 blast around the Nurburgring drifting corners that claim cars on a daily basis. 

According to the Youtube video, Jodahl’s BMW M3 produces 1,100 horsepower—more than five times the car’s original horsepower rating. However, this particular M3 is powered by a heavily-modified Supra 2JZ-GTE engine with a laundry list of parts. Although Jodahl is far from the first person to modify an E30 M3, he is one of select few to bring the car over 1,000 horsepower. 

When the car was new, the BMW E30 M3 weighed around 2,733 pounds, so after stripping and adding the roll cage, we don’t expect Jodahl’s BMW E30 M3 to weigh that much different in either direction. So he is essentially rocking an insane 0.4 hp/lb ratio.

Some of Jodahl’s BMW E30 M3 upgrades include a Garrett GTX4294R turbocharger, Powerhouse pistons and rods, ported heads, Pectel T6 ECU, Sellholm coilovers, Sellholm MPG sequential gearbox, a roll cage and so much more.