Watch a BMW i3 Drift Around a Rally Stage

With Finnish rally legend Rauno Aaltonen behind the wheel, anything is possible.

byChristian Gilbertsen|
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From the get-go, the BMW i3 was designed to be efficient, green, and appealing to urban environmentalists. In other words, it was never designed to be tossed around a rally stage. Luckily, that hasn't stoped Rauno Aaltonen, famed Finnish rally driver who goes by "The Rally Professor," from taking an innocent i3 around a short rally course and drifting its electric nuts off. 

Surprisingly, BMW's little all-electric eco car copes well with being tipped into dirt corners and having its rear end aggressively step out. Its skinny tires and punchy electric torque help initiate and sustain a drift, as Aaltonen is eager to point out. Mid-corner, he says, "Once you understand it, it's great fun—and it feels like you would be in a car with 1000 horsepower." 

Aaltonen concludes his i3-drift stint saying, "I didn't expect [that] the i3 can be driven in drift so beautifully. To drift the i3 is easy, nice. I love it." 

Check out the video of  the Rally Professor draining the i3's batteries in the best way possible below. 

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