VIDEO: Morgan 3-Wheeler Versus 1961 Ferrari 250 PF Cabriolet (Another Very Biased Review)

Finally, Morgan gets some competition.

byAlex Roy|
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Children dream of the future. Adults? The past. Once you get old enough, you graduate to vintage cars. Hence, the appeal of classic cars over new ones. Ah, the "good old days." That's why new "old" cars — fakevintagetretrorestomodyaddayadda — are increasingly popular. That's why we forgive actual vintage cars all their problems.

Or do we?

This week on Morgan Versus, we put my Morgan 3-wheeler — the best/worst new car of all time — against the very best of the distant past. In this case, Ferrari's past.

It's 2014 Morgan vs 1961 Ferrari 250 PF Cabriolet.

Once again, it's not really a fair competition. The Morgan may appear to be yet another fakevintagetretrorestomod, but it's actually totally authentic. Why? Because unlike other fakevintagetretrorestomods, it doesn't just look like it was engineered as terribly as it was in the past, it actually is engineered as terribly as it was in the past. Which makes it a formidable opponent. It does everything it must to evoke the charm, frustration and awesomeness of an old car, but at a deep discount to actual vintage and exotic cars.

Which makes it a bargain.

(Thanks to Jake Auerbach of RM Sotheby's for lending me the Ferrari, which is obviously junk despite it being in absolutely perfect condition.)

What chance does a 1961 Ferrari 250 PF Cabriolet have against it? None at an estimated value of $1.5M to $1.8M. A brand new Morgan 3-wheeler will run you between $45k and $80k, depending on options, none of which add to its perfection in terms of ownership experience.

That Ferrari? A gorgeous, undriveable, seductive, deceptive, wonderful and maddening piece of art. But as a car? Junk.

Find out why in this episode:

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