Listening to These Ferraris Lapping Imola is Like Therapy for Your Ears

Don your headphones for more than 11 minutes of lovely V12 noise.

byChris Constantine|
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For gearheads who aren't fortunate enough to have heard the sound the Ferrari FXX K makes, do your ears a favor and Google videos of it right now–– actually, we'll do it for you.

If those search results didn't satiate your ears, a high-tech video by 19Bozzy92 might do the job. Using binaural audio equipment, the YouTuber captured the Ferrari F1 Clienti & XX Programme event, a full day at Imola where customers brought out cars from Ferrari's XX Program to thrash around the infamous Enzo e Dino Ferrari circuit. What follows is nearly 12 minutes of what one user calls "petrolhead ASMR," and we can't think of a better description. 

The F1 Clienti/XX Programme is a series of events that allow clients who've bought a Formula 1 or XX car (an exclusive purchase for only the most high-value Ferrari consumers) to take to the race track in their new vehicles. 

Each event is comprised of a free two-day training and practice session for the customers, and this year 26 rare Ferraris were present at the track. Imola is the ninth event, with the big finish at Mugello on October 26-29.

The trinity of Ferrari XX cars can be seen here, made up of the FXX (Enzo), 599XX Evoluzione, and FXX K (LaFerrari). Despite its limited run of just 40 units, the FXX K is surprisingly the most prevalent car on the track, and it sounds the best in our opinion.

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