Watch These $3 Million Ferrari FXX-Ks Run Laps at a Very Wet Spa-Francorchamps

Not exactly ideal conditions for a 1035-horsepower Ferrari track car.

byAaron Brown|
Ferrari News photo

The Ferrari FXX-K isn't exactly a supercar that you can take to go grab groceries. Only 40 examples of the $3 million, 1036-horsepower, LaFerrari-based car were built, and they were all destined for the track. A video shared on YouTube Thursday shows a handful of FXX-Ks in a familiar environment—the Spa-Francorchamps circuit.

The video primarily focuses on a yellow FXX-K that was piloted by a female driver. But in other parts of the clip, at least two other FXX-Ks can be seen on track alongside the yellow one.

"This video shows you a woman that drives a 1035HP Ferrari FXX K in the rain on Spa-Francorchamps. Almost nobody was driving with their FXX K, but this lady do it! How cool is that!?" the YouTube video's description reads. Apparently, the YouTuber was excited that the yellow car was being driven by a woman. We're not sure why said YouTuber thought that was such a big deal, though. All we care about here is that absolutely blissful V12 engine noise.