Watch This Herd of Ferrari FXXKs Fly Around Mugello

This handful of Ferraris has more cylinders than your average traffic jam.

byJames Gilboy|
Ferrari News photo

YouTube user Marchettino, who made his name by uploading high quality videos of supercars and race cars in action both on the street and track, is back with more car smut in the form of a compilation video of Ferrari FXXKs on track. The Ferrari FXXK's name resembles a halfhearted censorship of the first thing said by its drivers upon stomping out their maiden wide open throttle experience, though Ferrari claim the K suffix is a reference to the car's kinetic energy recovery system. I'm not sure I believe them; cars with curse words for names get easy publicity. The FXXK is the track-only variant of the Ferrari LaFerrari, the Italian make's most recent hypercar. It follows a trend set by the Ferrari Enzo of last decade and its respective track-limited toy, named the FXX. There was also the 599XX, but the digression will be canned there.

Both LaFerrari and the FXXK are powered by a 6.3 liter V12 engine, dubbed the F140 by Ferrari. The engine is assisted by an electric motor, and the two cars produce 950 and 1,036 horsepower respectively. Over 700 of LaFerrari have been built, between its initial fixed roof production and its soft topped Aperta sister, whereas a mere 40 of the FXXK have been produced.

As Ferrari store the cars themselves, they handle the transportation to the track for the owners, as well as the pit crew and engineers, who are brought in from the company's racing programs. During private events named Ferrari Corse Clienti, Ferrari will rent out an entire track for use by their customers. In short, they are track days for the bourgeoisie, complete with one of the most expensive cars that you can't even take home with you.

Spectating an FXXK is likely nothing compared to driving one, but it's a pleasure nonetheless.

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