Watch This BMW Driver Throw Money in Anger At Another Car

This isn’t the most action-packed dash cam video you’ll see, but it’s certainly a head-scratcher.

byGabriel Loewenberg|
BMW News photo

How you treat others is a good measure of the type of person you are. In life, there are particular situations where our interactions with fellow humans are challenged. Busy parking lots, for example, come to mind. There are cars and pedestrians both coming and going. People are driving around, all looking for the closest spot. 

It can be a madhouse, hampered by the fact that people are isolated in their cars with no real way to communicate to other drivers. Sure, there are turn signals and the occasional hand wave if you happen to catch someone's eye. Other than that, you can only hope that everyone else is a vigilant, patient, and polite as you. 

In these situations, besides traffic laws, there are unwritten rules of how we should behave. Letting others who were there first go first, not blocking lanes of traffic in the parking aisles, and generally not being a jerk will go a long way in achieving parking lot zen. These are the very things that hold the fabric of our civilized society together.  

Sometimes, for whatever reason, someone becomes unglued and all the rules go right out the car window. And in this case, some money went out the window, too. In Cabramatta, New South Wales, Australia, a BMW driver had evidently given up on being polite, lost their cool, and then inadvertently made someone else's day. 

The incident in question happened in a small public parking lot in what looks to be a fairly busy area full of shops, restaurants, and the like. From Google Maps, it looks to have about 100 spaces and is probably the first place people check for a spot when they drive to the area. We've placed a red dot on the map to show where this all went down.

The red dot is where the incident occurred. , Screenshot via Google Maps

The vehicle with the dashcam patiently waits for a parking space, and backs into it once said space is available. There are a few cars waiting for the dash cam car to finish parking so that they can leave the parking lot as this space is near the exit. The driver of the BMW apparently has things to do that can't wait another two seconds. Watch for yourself to see what happens. 

Yes, you saw that correctly, the BMW driver first gives the one-finger salute and then hurls a water bottle at the parking car. Somehow, with the water bottle, they also threw out some cash. We can only assume that the cash-throwing was by accident, but what if it wasn't? What would be the reasoning behind that? Maybe this will become a thing, throwing money at people you were just acting like a jerk to. 

According to the info posted with the video, the driver who just parked went and retrieved the littered loot. It turned out to be a decent haul of $100 (AUS), which is about $78 in the United States. Not a bad day for the dashcam owner. 

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